Community Partnership moving on

The Re-launch of the Community Partnership in the summer of 2015 proved to be a success completing 5 projects including the creation of this website.

What came next?

A Democracy Week activity “Ponteland Question Time” engaging young people in their local community and listening to young ideas, their debates and arguments in front of an audience at the Memorial Hall. (Read More)
The appointment of a “Junior Ambassador” to work with the Community Partnership (Read More)
At the start of 2016 the Junior Ambassador and his mother met with the Youth Service Ashley Brown, PC Rob Anderson and the Community Partnership to discuss the youth provision for Ponteland young people for the future.
The Junior Ambassador held his first surgery, with his mother, outside Waitrose; this was a test for a future project coming up later this year.

What is happening soon?

All are invited to the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Ponteland Community Partnership which will be held on Wednesday May 18th at 7pm in Ponteland Town Council Committee Room, Meadowfield Estate, Ponteland.
Nominations are sought for membership of the Executive Council; the posts include Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, as well as members of the Management Committee.

Nominations should be submitted in writing no later than 4th May to:
Mrs Shirley Hill,
Hon. Secretary,
Ponteland Community Partnership,
90 Runnymede Road, Ponteland, NE20 9HH.

Do come along and meet us, you will be made most welcome.
We are a group of volunteers all with a strong community spirit who wish to reach out to all residents, to work with other local groups, engage with projects and events for young and old to enhance their quality of life.

What ambitions are to follow in the future months?

The Chairman is meeting with the new Senior Area Youth Worker, South East Area Sharon Stirling in May to discuss, “What is the future provision for the youth of Ponteland going to be during the next year?” This has turned out to be a very important issue.

The Junior Ambassador is seeking to establish a “Youth Forum” for young people’s views on what facilities they would like to see in Ponteland, this would enable them to influence not only the Community Partnership but also the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan which is in the process of being prepared.

The Junior Ambassador’s recent idea is contacting Head teachers requesting their support in engaging young people with the principles of getting the young involved with the community and giving them a voice.
We are hoping to give some space on this website for young people’s views.

We will keep you up to date with news later in the year

Re-Launch of the Ponteland Community Partnership

Scheduled to start on the 1st September 2015

We are an unincorporated association set up in late 2003 established in accordance with the precepts of the Local Government Act 2000.

The primary aims are to identify the things that really matter to people who live and work in the civil parish of Ponteland, in that they affect their quality of life and to work with all interested/involved parties to develop acceptable ways of meeting these needs.

At this present time the Executive Council is busy working with other interested parties on possible forthcoming events, activities and projects for all age groups, with the aim of putting the heart back into Ponteland and the surrounding area.

More details to follow soon …

Background to Community Partnerships

Partnerships in the community abound in the professional literature of social work, adultP1210046 education, and basic literacy education, religious or church work and among governing entities to name just a few environments. Partnerships are – in the broadest sense – connections between and among people and groups to share interests, concerns and create visions for the future.
Historically, partnerships have been formed to educate, open discussion and address and solve problems among all parties involved and affected as well as stakeholders in all parts of the problems/issues and solutions.

Partnerships are created when:

  • there appears to be no one person or group responsible for the issue;
  • it doesn’t seem possible to solve the problem or address the situation by just one group – due to magnitude, lack of knowledge or amorphic nature of the issue;
  • the cost of solving the problem or addressing the issue is too costly for one group to address; and/or,
  • it is important to have a large number of people involved to inform, and buy-in to the process.

The best partnerships are those (either formal or informal) that:

  • Have an organisation or a Pont-87-webstructure to them.
  • Have a vision, mission, and goals
  • Are designed to change as issues evolve and problems are solved
  • Find ways to involve people face-to-face but make maximum use of emerging and existing technologies
  • Build in a sustained maximum activity and involvement by stakeholders and other participants
  • Provide necessary plans such as business, marketing and communication plans
  • Promise and produce a product or results which benefits all group/process members
  • Design an active and interactive initial learning period and maintain ongoing learning for stakeholders and participants
  • Establish and maintain effective communication and ongoing dialog