Welcome to the Ponteland Community Partnership

The community partnership was set up in 2003 to identify the things that really matter to people of all ages who live and work in Ponteland Civil Parish which could and would improve their quality of life.

To achieve these aims we intend to involve the community, businesses, local organisations and the Town Council in creating meaningful realistic projects which would be funded by a variety of sources. The community partnership shares the vision of the Neighbourhood Plan and supports the community aspirations for Ponteland in the future.

To keep up to date with our progress please view the Pont News & Views, which is delivered to you free of charge.

We would welcome your ideas for new projects that would benefit the ‘quality of life in the Civil parish of Ponteland’ if you have any ideas please use our contact page to get in touch or come to our monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of every month, except December, at the Town Council Offices at Meadowfield Court (opposite the Medical Centre), Meadowfield Estate.

Thanks to support, Community Partnership takes on the next project

On the 4th November 22 volunteers started the revamp of the “old railway line” Bridleway from Rotary Way towards the airport. This is a section not as well used by local residents and the plan is to improve the rest of the bridleway, now a Wildlife Corridor bringing it up to the same standard as the previous route from Callerton Lane. This will encourage residents and visitors to enjoy this rural setting with a more diverse usage than at present. It is hoped that by including information on the distance between pedestals, in steps, it will encourage its use as part of keeping fit or as part of a medical recovery programme for those who find they are in need of more… Read more

What is a Community Partnership?

Partnerships are – in the broadest sense – connections between and among people and groups to share interests, concerns and create visions for the future.
Historically, partnerships have been formed to educate, open discussion and address and solve problems among all parties involved and affected as well as stakeholders in all parts of the problems/issues and solutions.

What is the Ponteland Community Partnership?

A group of like minded volunteers who also represent local groups or organisations who share a common idea to identify and improve the quality of life in Ponteland.

When did it start?

The Ponteland Community Partnership started in the early 2004 and was set up under the Local Government Act of 2000 at a time when Ponteland was part of Castle Morpeth Borough Council.

Which organisations work with the Ponteland Community Partnership?

Ponteland Town Council
Ponteland Civic Society
Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Ponteland U3A
Ponteland Ageing Well
Ponteland Community Trust

What are we trying to do?

  • To identify activities and projects for those who live or work in Ponteland that will improve their quality of life no matter what their age.
  • To access funding to provide for these activities or projects.

Background to Community Partnerships

Partnerships in the community abound in the professional literature of social work, adultP1210046 education, and basic literacy education, religious or church work and among governing entities to name just a few environments. Partnerships are – in the broadest sense – connections between and among people and groups to share interests, concerns and create visions for the future.
Historically, partnerships have been formed to educate, open discussion and address and solve problems among all parties involved and affected as well as stakeholders in all parts of the problems/issues and solutions.

Partnerships are created when:

  • there appears to be no one person or group responsible for the issue;
  • it doesn’t seem possible to solve the problem or address the situation by just one group – due to magnitude, lack of knowledge or amorphic nature of the issue;
  • the cost of solving the problem or addressing the issue is too costly for one group to address; and/or,
  • it is important to have a large number of people involved to inform, and buy-in to the process.

The best partnerships are those (either formal or informal) that:

  • Have an organisation or a Pont-87-webstructure to them.
  • Have a vision, mission, and goals
  • Are designed to change as issues evolve and problems are solved
  • Find ways to involve people face-to-face but make maximum use of emerging and existing technologies
  • Build in a sustained maximum activity and involvement by stakeholders and other participants
  • Provide necessary plans such as business, marketing and communication plans
  • Promise and produce a product or results which benefits all group/process members
  • Design an active and interactive initial learning period and maintain ongoing learning for stakeholders and participants
  • Establish and maintain effective communication and ongoing dialog

Bridleway Celebration

On the 30th Sept a ‘Celebration of Community Spirit’ took place at the Callerton Lane end of the bridleway with a cutting of the ribbon by Ponteland Mayor, Alan Valey and BBC Radio presenter Marianne Foster.

This celebration was bringing together the completion of the community project to revamp this stretch of the bridleway which happened this spring, receiving a highly recommended at the Northumberland LOVE Awards and the additional status of the bridleway to Wildlife Corridor. All of this was made possible due to the efforts of the community.

The Bridleway Project was a Ponteland Community Partnership Project, which is part of the “Old Railway Line” from the early 1900’s, was initially part of the Neighbourhood Plan list of potential projects.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group was involved with putting together the planning policies and the Ponteland Community Partnership decided to take on this particular project; a revamp of the Bridleway between Callerton Lane to Rotary Way.

This generated a massive community involvement, apart from tidying up, pruning, planting 75 trees and planting wild flowers Northumberland County Council have supported us through their Countryside Officer in planning and with widening the footpath.

The Community Partnership gained funding through the Community Chest to provide 2 educational interpretation panels; one at Callerton Lane the other at Rotary Way.

We are grateful to the Local History Society and a local resident for providing photos and information for the educational interpretation pedestals this provided the basis of the artwork for the pedestals.

A big thank you to the 11 0rganisations, individuals and Ponteland 1st Scouts for all their hard work earlier in the year.


Moving on what comes next:

The community partnership has successfully secured grant funding for our next project on the ‘Old Railway Line’

As more people are using the Bridleway since the previous work has been completed, we would like to announce and remind you that the Community Partnership is now preparing to organise with the Countryside Officer the next stretch of the Bridleway “Old Railway Line” from Rotary Way and towards the airport.

The Community Partnership has been overwhelmed with the support from the residents and because of this enthusiasm have been busy planning the next activity for 4th November – weather permitting.

This will include pruning, planting about 100 trees and wild flowers. A local land owner has agreed to take on improving the path in a very wet area of the path and the Countryside Officer will organise the widening of the footpath and provide 3 perch benches. The Community Partnership have now the funding for the 3 educational pedestals, showing more railway heritage, local information on Prestwick Pit and the original air field, which would be installed at the end of the project.

We now need to get your support for this next piece of work all those wishing to be involved can register their interest by our website, on the contact page. www.pontelandcommunitypartnership.co.uk

Love Northumbria Award

Community Partnership’s Bridleway Project gets “Highly Commended” LOVE Northumberland Award, at an event hosted by TV presenter John Grundy and Awards presented by The Duchess of Northumberland at Alnwick Gardens.

All shortlisted projects from 7 categories were invited to Alnwick Gardens on the 5th July for an evening celebration of community spirit in preserving and improving the counties environment.

The Ponteland Bridleway Project was nominated for “Best New Project” a project less than 1 year old that fits the Northumberland’s campaign:

“To promote improving the environment of the County and create a sense of joint ownership around LOVE Northumberland”.

Quote “We have done very well to be awarded “Highly Commended” in our category, with so many excellent entries across the county, very lucky to receive funding from the Community Chest and the support of the community getting involved during February and March this year truly a community event which will support Ponteland in the “Britain in Bloom” this year”.

Due to this success we are now planning to take on the next part of the “Old Railway Line” from Rotary Way to the Airport, starting in the autumn; we are particularly keen to encourage the health benefits and enjoyment of this local amenity.

Residents who would like to know more about the next project the “Old Railway Line” Register your interest at www.pontelandcommunitypartnership.co.uk






Bridleway Community Project started this Spring set to go on until Autumn

Stage 1 Tidy up and Tree Planting  25th February (click to enlarge)

Stage 2 Ponteland 1st Scouts more trees and wild flower planting 25th March
(click to enlarge)

So far this project, organised by the Ponteland Community Partnership was well supported by 50 residents and is set to go from strength to strength.

Ponteland Community Partnership (PCP) set up in 2003 has the aim to:

  • Identify the things that really matter to people who live and work in Ponteland Civil Parish, with the expectation that this will improve the quality of life.
  • Also to work with all interested and involved parties to develop acceptable ways of meeting these needs.

This project was selected from a short list as part of our local heritage, the Bridleway originally was the old railway track from the early 1900’s now used as a well treasured route for recreation, dog walkers, keeping fit joggers, cyclists whilst still retaining its rural surroundings.

Our aim was to improve this well used community facility by tidying up this middle stretch of the Bridleway. This will allow the pathway to be given a narrow skim along the surface and hardcore, if required to be reinstated. This can only be done once some hand pruning has been completed; then the shredding and scattering back along the sides of the path. Due to the bird nesting season we have been restricted to when this activity could take place and we aim to complete this part of the project in the early summer 2017. By then we intend to install 2 display pedestals along the route.

No one anticipated this would be so well supported by a cross section of the community and what started as just wanting a handful of people to give up a couple of hours turned into a project with a mind of its own.

There are 7 stages to this project:

  • The preparation of the Bridleway, middle section completed by community volunteers
  • Planting of 50 trees, supplied by NCC work completed by community volunteers
  • Clearing away refuse and shredding branches, NCC and Town Council
  • Planting and adopting additional 25 trees, supplied by NCC work completed by Ponteland Scouts
  • Reinstating appropriate wild flowers donated by a member of the Friends of the Park
  • Skimming path sides and adding hard core where necessary, NCC and Town Council
  • On completion the installation of display pedestal showing the heritage of the old railway line, wildlife and habitat, supplied by the Ponteland Community Partnership

Thanks must be given to the Area Countryside Officer Tim Fish NCC for all his support to the project supplying 75 trees, the equipment required at the events and arranging the work after the volunteers has completed their tasks.

Amongst the residents, on the 25th February, were members of the Foot Path Users Group, Ponteland Wildlife Group, Friend’s of the Park, Greenbelt Group, Civic Society, Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Ponteland 1st Scouts and the Community Partnership.

The remainder 25 trees have been planted and adopted by Ponteland 1st Scouts and our Youth Ambassador at the end of March. Each scout will be responsible for their own tree. Hopefully by then all the grant funding should have been acquired for 2 individually designed oak pedestals to be placed along the Bridleway route, the displays will bring together the heritage of the old railway line, wildlife and habitat.

Now, Ponteland Town Council want this ongoing project to be part of the “Britain in Bloom” portfolio, this is all thanks to Ponteland residents – Thank you Ponteland.

The “Britain in Bloom” judges will be paying attention to community led involvement and projects such as this one, where volunteers (some representing 8 local organisations) work with Town Councils and the County Council to achieve benefits for the wider community. I understand that judging will happen sometime in April (for Northumbria in Bloom) and around June this year ( for Britain in Bloom), with this in mind I would like to ask for more volunteers to be involved in a tidy up exercise prior to the judge’s visits.

Keep in touch dates to be arranged www.pontelandcommunitypartnership.co.uk

As this project has been so successful, the Ponteland Community Partnership will be considering another event , late summer, for the last section of the Bridleway from Rotary Way to the Airport,  as a way of encouraging more residents to use and enjoy this facility.

Community Partnership Plans (PCP) for the New Year

There are plans for 2 Projects over Spring 2017

To revitalise part of the bridleway between the village and Rotary Way and work with local schools and youth groups to create a Youth Forum.

We think you would agree; right now we could all do with something to feel good about in Ponteland and blow away the festive cobwebs.

The PCP has always aimed to identify the things that really matter to people who live and work in Ponteland Civil Parish, these need to improve the quality of life. Also to work with all interested/involved parties to develop acceptable ways of meeting these needs.

Bridleway The PCP invites you to be involved in revitalising the bridleway between the village and Rotary Way as part of giving additional conservation benefit and added amenity value. We are looking for volunteers, of all ages, to get stuck in and help with this well used recreational facility on Saturday February 25th. So far, we have involved the Area Countryside Officer at NCC, our local wildlife group, the Town Council and youth groups.

See below the Area Countryside Officer on a recent site visit





All you have to do if you are able to join us on the Saturday February 25th is contact us through our website www.pontelandcommunitypartnership.co.uk and leave your details on the contact page. The PCP will then send you all the information required.

Youth Forum  another ‘New Year Challenge’ starting towards the end of January,  to encourage the forming of a Youth Forum to become a young person’s voice in Ponteland.

We already have a young Youth Ambassador since the Ponteland Question Time last year. Young people make up a small minority in the community and their views and concerns can often be over looked, this forum will give the young people an opportunity of expressing their concerns.

The partnership has always shown an interest in young people, now we want to invite 11-18 year olds to join the forum as part of the Community Partnership. We are planning to go into schools over the spring term, to link with the Youth Service youth groups and the Town Council to gain a better understanding of how young people can be actively and positively involved with the community.

If you are interested please contact us through our website on: www.pontelandcommunitypartnership.co.uk and leave your details on the contact page.

More information will be available on both projects early in the New Year

Community Partnership moving on

The Re-launch of the Community Partnership in the summer of 2015 proved to be a success completing 5 projects including the creation of this website.

What came next?

A Democracy Week activity “Ponteland Question Time” engaging young people in their local community and listening to young ideas, their debates and arguments in front of an audience at the Memorial Hall. (Read More)
The appointment of a “Junior Ambassador” to work with the Community Partnership (Read More)
At the start of 2016 the Junior Ambassador and his mother met with the Youth Service Ashley Brown, PC Rob Anderson and the Community Partnership to discuss the youth provision for Ponteland young people for the future.
The Junior Ambassador held his first surgery, with his mother, outside Waitrose; this was a test for a future project coming up later this year.

What is happening soon?

All are invited to the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Ponteland Community Partnership which will be held on Wednesday May 18th at 7pm in Ponteland Town Council Committee Room, Meadowfield Estate, Ponteland.
Nominations are sought for membership of the Executive Council; the posts include Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, as well as members of the Management Committee.

Nominations should be submitted in writing no later than 4th May to:
Mrs Shirley Hill,
Hon. Secretary,
Ponteland Community Partnership,
90 Runnymede Road, Ponteland, NE20 9HH.

Do come along and meet us, you will be made most welcome.
We are a group of volunteers all with a strong community spirit who wish to reach out to all residents, to work with other local groups, engage with projects and events for young and old to enhance their quality of life.

What ambitions are to follow in the future months?

The Chairman is meeting with the new Senior Area Youth Worker, South East Area Sharon Stirling in May to discuss, “What is the future provision for the youth of Ponteland going to be during the next year?” This has turned out to be a very important issue.

The Junior Ambassador is seeking to establish a “Youth Forum” for young people’s views on what facilities they would like to see in Ponteland, this would enable them to influence not only the Community Partnership but also the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan which is in the process of being prepared.

The Junior Ambassador’s recent idea is contacting Head teachers requesting their support in engaging young people with the principles of getting the young involved with the community and giving them a voice.
We are hoping to give some space on this website for young people’s views.

We will keep you up to date with news later in the year

Re-Launch of the Ponteland Community Partnership

Scheduled to start on the 1st September 2015

We are an unincorporated association set up in late 2003 established in accordance with the precepts of the Local Government Act 2000.

The primary aims are to identify the things that really matter to people who live and work in the civil parish of Ponteland, in that they affect their quality of life and to work with all interested/involved parties to develop acceptable ways of meeting these needs.

At this present time the Executive Council is busy working with other interested parties on possible forthcoming events, activities and projects for all age groups, with the aim of putting the heart back into Ponteland and the surrounding area.

More details to follow soon …