The community partnership has found the best way of informing residents on our achievements and “what is going on” is through the Pont News & Views and this website.
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How Pont News & Views Started

Pont News & Views is a monthly community magazine for the civil parish of Ponteland. The first issue was in October 2005 and it has been published monthly since then. It is delivered without charge to households and businesses in Ponteland, Medburn, Kirkley, Prestwick, and Milbourne all these communities make up the civil parish of Ponteland.

2051490_Pont News Issue 1Ponteland had previously received some community news via the Neighbourhood Watch magazine. This was produced and delivered by volunteers but many households did not receive it. Eventually, Neighbourhood Watch was unsustainable and ceased. This loss left a local news vacuum as we did not have a local newspaper which concentrated principally on this area. Various ideas were floated to fill this gap.

The then Ponteland Parish Council (now Town Council) was working to achieve Quality Status. An essential requirement was to produce a newsletter about the Parish Council’s activities four times a year. This they were doing. The Ponteland Community Partnership (PCP) was also keen to communicate with residents… Read more

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May Page 15
April Page 10 Your Letters
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