About Us

We 112-webare group of volunteers all with a strong community spirit who wish to reach out to all residents throughout the civil parish and engage with events for young and old. We aim to work with other local groups and organisations and share a like minded approach.

The group meets every month and would welcome new members to support the existing team or just come along to a meeting. Meeting dates and details are advertised in the Pont News & Views.

Our Aims are:

To raise the profile of the Ponteland Community Partnership by putting the heart and community spirit back into the Civil Parish of Ponteland.

To identify activities, aspirations and projects for those who live or work in Ponteland that will improve their quality of life.

To access funding and support for viable projects.

To work and share ideas with other like minded organisations.

Over the years we have been involved with a number of community projects these are:

  • Launching the Pont News & Views
  • Helping to raise funds for other organisations projects.
  • Our group raised money for a play park and skateboard park.
  • Hosted community information events in 2012 which started the Ponteland Greenbelt Group and Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
  • Creating a website
  • “Ponteland Question Time” a debate between our MP, Councillors and the Debating Society from the High School on youth concerns.
  • Appointing a Youth Ambassador
  • Revamp of the Bridleway, Callerton to Rotary Way
  • Rotary Way to Airport
  • Installing 5 Information Pedestals & perch benches along the Bridleway
  • Creating “step counts” along Bridleway
  • Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
  • Darras Hall Grasslands SSSI Educational pedestal
  • Youth Reporter Project
  • Physical & Mental Wellbeing Youth Project

Currently we are busy organising the follow on event on the “Old Railway Line” from Rotary Way towards the Airport – scheduled to take place in February 2018.

The Community Partnership also has a number of possible projects for the future which has been identified through the 5 year long neighbourhood plan process of community consultations. The steering group has kindly supported us to take over with the community aspirations which were part of the neighbourhood plan.