“Ponteland Question Time”

Took place at the Memorial Hall 23rd Sept
Panel Members
Guy Oppermann MP
Cll Peter Jackson
Cll Carl Rawlings (Ponteland Mayor)
Elliot Barker
Molly Hall
Michael Dwyer

This event was well received with plenty of audience participation by way of questions to the panel. Sarah Parkes from UKyouth and Jon Niblo from Northumberland Clubs for Young People were part of the VIP’s present.
Guy Opperman quoted” Ponteland Community Partnership is leading the way by organising such an event” and “the young people stole the show”
An excellent spread of ages attended which gave a good balance for the questions and answers. The youngest participant, aged 10 years of age, asked the panel questions and contributed well to the event. A good humoured event enjoyed by all those who attended.

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